Who Is Prepared Living?

We, at Prepared Living, came together pre-Y2K from all walks of life. Our belief is that preparedness is more of a lifestyle than an event. Our membership is 99% women...working women, stay at home women, and retired women.


While we acknowledge spiritual preparedness is important, we leave it to the individual. There's no preaching, or attempted conversions, at Prepared Living.


Frugal preparedness is our primary focus, this ever shifting economy no longer allows for the $5 plan. Some of us raise small and large livestock to supplement our stores, while others just stock-up.Knowing that there is no "one size fits all" plan gives us a large range of flexibility. We cover "bug out" and "shelter in". Medical/dental preparedness is touched on; IE: a diabetic family has far different needs than a family with nut allergies.


Most of all, we KNOW each other.We are not just anonymous monikers on a posting board, we are friends who celebrate and grieve together. Prepared Living is an emotional "home".


There are no paying sponsors, and there never will be. Rest assured, if we say Company X has the best deal on water filters, it isn't because we've been paid to give an endorsement.


Welcome to Prepared Living.