After Hurricane Katrina, we modified the Grab and Go Bag to account for humidity, sun exposure, and crowded shelters. Most of us have a rotation schedule for our GaG Bags, depending on the season. However, until you are comfortable with idea of a GaG Bag, we recommend placing all items on the following list in one (1) bag and leaving it packed at all times.


72hr  GaG  Bag
(GaG = Grab and Go)

Sturdy soled shoes, socks
Disposable dust mask (earthquakes can cause vast amounts of dust)
Complete change of clothing
Emergency food (MREs, energy bars, snack foods, etc.)
first aid kit
Leather gloves
Flashlight with extra batteries and spare bulb
A house key (so you can get back into your house in case you exited through a window)
Extra set of car keys for each car/driver (in case you forget where you put them last)
Rain gear or poncho
Beanie and gloves/mittens
1 quart water (minimum)
Glasses or contact lenses (and lens care products) and reading glasses if you need them
Family Disaster Plan information
Emergency Medical information
Pocketknife or Leatherman
Mess kit

Shampoo, conditioner
Deodorant / Anti-perspirant
Bar of soap
Razor, shaving cream
Brush, comb
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Wash cloth
Hand towel

Sleeping Bag (or blanket)
Twin size sheet (mosquito protection, sunshade, privacy curtain, makeshift stretcher, bandaging)
Small travel umbrella (for both rain and SUN)
Paper plate or small piece of cardboard (personal fan)
Wallet, with extra identification and $100 in small bills (minimum)
$10 roll silver quarters

Ideally, each person (including the kids) would have their own bag; TAILORED to suit their needs.

Speaking of children...

Store these items in water proof containers. A plastic bucket is
ideal. Keep the bucket with your GaG Bags.

Suggested Items:

01. Books & Magazines
02. Paper, Coloring Books, and Activity Books
03. Felt Tip Markers, Colored Pencils, Scissors
04. Games
05. Small toys
06. Any Hard Candy
07. Children's Vitamins, Pain-Reliever, Cold Remedies, Band Aids, and First-Aid Cream
08. Creative Game List
09. String
10. Clothespins
11. Feather
12. Straws
13. Wooden Blocks
14. Marbles
15. Metal Washers

This is a list of games that children can play out of everyday

Clothespins -
01. Drop in a bottle
02. Pitch at a target

03. Clothesline relay

Wooden Blocks -
01. Print letters on cubes. Roll cubes to spell words.
First one to complete 10 words wins.

Marbles -
01. Roll them at a target
02. Toss them in a box
03. Old Fashioned Marble Game

Metal Washers -
01. Toss them into numbered cups.

Paper Cups -
01. Tossing Games
02. Blowing Relay
03. Telephone

Paper Plates -
01. Toss through a wire coat hanger

Straws -
01. Marble Blow Relay
02. Bean Relay

Spoons -
01. Carry Ball
02. Flip Beans at target

03. Carry Cotton Balls

Feathers -
01. Feather Volleyball: blow feather over string or net
02. Toss them at a target
03. Blow them over the line relay



Purse BOB

If the idea of a BOB is just too overwhelming, try starting smaller. Most of us gals (and maybe the guys too, for all I know!) carry some type of bag when we're out and about. Purse, fanny pack, whatever. What kind of survival stuff can you carry around all the time?


My mini survival kit is packed into a makeup bag that I carry in my purse. In it are:

a mini mag-light

a candle (a good sized stub from a taper candle)

a book of matches

a few cotton balls

some bandaids


some commonly used otc meds (ibuprofen, my sinus meds, a couple of days worth of my prescription meds)


dental floss




a film canister with sewing supplies (needles, thread, safety pins)

a film canister with fishing hooks, lead weights, a little bobber cork

some secret money (small bills and change)


a tiny address book with my important contacts

Elsewhere in my purse are a couple of the travel packs of Kleenex, my pocketknife, a clean bandana, a couple of sanitary napkins (good for compression of more serious wounds)

(ref: katydid Oct-19th-02)

Emergency Checklist for your Car
Booster cables
Vehicle fluids
Methyl hydrate (for fuel line and windshield de-icing)
Approved container to hold up to 4 litres of gasoline
Warning light or emergency flares
Sand, salt or non-clumping kitty litter
Traction mats
Tow chain
Emergency food pack
Shovel and axe or hatchet
Mini air compressor and/or seal gels
Tire gauge
Spare fuses (assorted amps)
Flashlight and spare batteries
Tool kit
First Aid Kit
Cloth or roll of paper towels
Warm hat, gloves, scarf, jacket and footwear
Blanket (special "emergency" blankets best)
Candles, along with deep can in which to burn, and matches in a waterproof container (to warm hands, heat a drink, or use as an emergency light)
Road maps
Ice scraper and brush
Fire extinguisher (ABC type)